How to attract deer into your yard?

How do you attractt deer into my yard? I dont want to buy plants, but is there any household foods that i can throw outside? And how long will it take to attract the deer? I also have seen some buck rubs on the trees... I live on 1 acre of hilly land, and 2 acres of woods.


hey asses she is wanting to see deer and feed them nothing was said about hunting, go to your local farm store and buy whole corn about $6 put the corn out somewhere you can see it, watch of a evening or early in the morning or if you have a permanent light outside you can see them at night, make sure you don't use a a flashlight because even though you are not hunting it is illegal to spotlight


dunno.....never had to try to attract them......always had a problem with them eating my vegetables and plants.........

so i would say grow some veggies......


sorry, but telling you how would be considered assisting in a crime since baiting or feeding of wildlife is considered illegal in most areas except for song birds and other protected species, which deer are not.


Okay... if your in Ohio you can bait deer LEGALLY..also you never really mentioned whether or not you were going to hunt them might not even be baiting. Anyhow.. apples, corn, and any other type of veggies will bring in deer. Also sweet stuff like Molasses, corn syrup and sugar cubes.Also, when the acorns drop from the oak trees...deer LOVE white oak trees acorns..I've seen them eat acorns over nearly anything I've already mentioned. Also a salt and mineral block that you can buy at your local Tractor Supply, always helps. I hunt over food plots ALL the time.. it's legal in should check your local hunting laws before hunting over baited areas. However, if your just wanting to photograph deer or view them privately you can feed them ALL day long. It normally takes about 2-5 days ( depending on what your baiting them with and how often the area is traveled.) for the deer to find your bait

Hope this helps!