Can I run a 40 yard dash in under 4.3 seconds?

If I run 40 meter sprint in 4.9 seconds will I be able to run a 40 yard sprint in under 4.30

40 meters = 43 yard

I ask because top RB in NFL run 40 yards in 4.24 to 4.30. I want to know if I am in the same level? Need someone with good maths to help.


First, work on your math. 40m is closer to 44 yards. Over a distance that lasts 4-5 seconds, one yard definitely matters!

Your time converts to 4.48 seconds, give or take, but probably is very very inaccurate.

The only accurate 40 yard dash is one which is laser timed, indoors, on an artificial surface - the way they time them at the combine. The only way you can compare times is to make the conditions of the run the same - if you ran outdoors, hand timed, on grass, etc., then your time doesn't mean much when placed beside that of an NFL running back.

That said, a 4.5s 40 is nothing to sneeze at, under any conditions. Also, the 40 isn't the be-all, end-all of sports stats - many great RBs did not have spectacular 40 yard times. Emmit Smith is one of the best of all time, and his 40 wasn't very good at all by NFL standards.


Its will be about 4.4 4.5 but try harder :p ull get this


Since 1 meter = 1.09 yards, 40 meters = 43.6 yards. This means that your time for the 40 yard will be longer than your 40 meter time. Your 40 yard time would be around 5 seconds.


If you run 43 yards(40 meters) in 4.9 seconds, that means you run about 8.8 yards a second. Then multiplying your rate by 4.3 seconds, you would be said to run about 37.8 yards in 4.3 seconds..

So basically, you're ALMOST there. Keep working at it! (:


You're probably one of the only people on this site to actually get a real 40 time then.

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