How can i get more power in my overhand serve?

I am just learning how to overhand serve and im getting it in the right position and all but i am just having a lot of trouble getting more power into the serve. And because i dont have enough power it wont go over the net. Im really close and i need to get it so please help me to what might give me

More power! Please help thanks(:


Are you able to throw the ball over the net from behind the service line? If so, then you are strong enough to serve it over the net and just need to perfect your technique. Assuming you are right-handed, step forward with your left foot as you toss the ball with your left hand, then hit the ball with your right arm while stepping forward with your right foot. Serving the ball isn't all arm motion, you should also be moving your upper body forward. And tossing the ball consistently is important too. If you can't throw the ball over the net (or just barely), then you need to lift some weights to strengthen your arm.


the most power comes when u do a jump serve and hit it really hard. u need to get top spin on it or else it will just go out of bounds