2 famous canoe designers?

and what types they design and how


Here's a list of a number of famous canoe designers and some models they are famous for. Google them for more information on what they design. How? Usually try and error plus engineering analysis.

Ev Crozier – Sundowner, Echo, Spirit, Spirit II and some marathon racing tandems.

Harold Deal – SRT, Crossfire, Dragonfly, Shaman

Bob Foote – Dagger Genesis, Rival, Phantom. Navarro Loon, Pursuit and Egret. Bell Prodigy and Nexus (with Yost).

Mike Galt – Dandy, Blackhawk, Egret, Mirage, BJX.

Jim Henry – vintage MRC boats: Malecite, Explorer, Freedom, revelation, Quest, Eclipse, Destiny, Guide, Sunrunner, Lamoille, Independence, Liberty.

Jogn Foster (with Henry) – Outrage, Rampage, Synergy

Frankie Hubbard – Edge, the Viper series, Probe 12, Ocoee, Savage Superfly, Robson CU-fly

Gene Jensen – Whitewater II, Jensen 17 & 18, V1 Pro boat, V1A, 4/32 Cruiser, J 190-203 series, SCR.

Steve Killing – Freedom 15, 17 and 17/9, Splitrock, 18'6" Marathon, Cottage Cruiser

Dave Kruger – Voyageur, K-160, Encounter, Advantage, Prism, Rouge, Solo Plus, Moccasin

Bruce Kunz – Merlin, Peregrine, Kestrel, 38 Special, North West Cruiser

John Winters – Osprey, Shearwater, Mattawa, Kipewa, Temagami, Winisk, Queitco, Dumoine, Yukon and many more.

Nolan Whitesell…Howie LaBrant…Pat Moore…


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