What's the mystery of Von Erich family?

David Von Erich (1958-84) Cause of Death: Ruptured Intestine

Kerry Von Erich (1960-93) Cause of Death: Suicide

Mike Von Erich (1964-87) Cause of Death: Suicide

Chris Von Erich (1969-91) Cause of Death: Suicide

"Ten years ago I had four brothers, and now I'm not even a brother."

-Kevin Von Erich


Jack Adkisson, Jr.

Fritz Von Erich's first son died after accidentally being electrocuted and drowning in a puddle at the age of 7 in Niagara Falls, New York, United States. They were living in the Sunny Acres Mobile Home Park on Pine Avenue.

David Von Erich

The official doctor's report allegedly states that he died of acute enteritis, but Ric Flair stated in his autobiography To Be the Man that "everyone in wrestling believes" it was a drug overdose that really killed him and that Bruiser Brody (a fellow wrestler who found David) disposed of the narcotics by flushing them down a toilet before the police arrived. Mick Foley also claims that he died from an apparent drug overdose.A death certificate or doctor's report has never been provided by the Von Erich family.

Mike Von Erich

After suffering a shoulder injury in 1985 on a tour of Israel, Mike was forced to have surgery. Shortly after, it was discovered that he suffered from Toxic shock syndrome, a rarity in men, and according to Ric Flair, was forced back into the ring by Fritz much too early. Eventually, Mike had to retire after not being able to return to the ring at full strength anymore. He committed suicide in 1987 by intentional overdose of a tranquilizer.

Chris Von Erich

After several years of not being able to succeed in the wrestling business, Chris became depressed and frustrated. He was also heartbroken over the loss of his brothers (David & Mike). He committed suicide in 1991 by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Kerry Von Erich

Kerry had a history of drug problems. Amongst the many of them were two arrests, the first of which resulted in probation. After the second, which violated the probation and likely would have resulted in extensive jail time, Kerry committed suicide by a shot to the heart in 1993 on his father's ranch.

Fritz Von Erich

Died of lung cancer which spread to his brain in 1997.


There is no mystery!

David died in Japany because his intestine ruptured.

Kerry, shot himself, because of being arrested.

Mike, was in a deep depression when he took his life after the Toxic shock syndrome he had.

Chris, wanted nothing more than to be just like his brothers, but because of Asthma and medication for that stunted his growth, he knew he would never be a wrestler like they were and didn't want to disappoint them.

I have known the VonErich family all my life.


Chain suicides. Its really no mystery unless they had some kind of plan that didn't work out. Im guessing they felt they needed each other, and when one died they didn't want to go on anymore. So drugs and other things played in to help the pain of losing a brother.

And guys, if there is info to back up something that says otherwise believe it... This is only my opinion.