Why does TNA suck so bad?

WWE is so much better hell even ROH is better but TNA is just so bad. Tell me why that is.


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Did you even watch the show tonight? IT WAS AWESOME!


dude TNA is way better than wwe right now. i was watching raw and they had a little cartoon thing santino and regal. while your watching that im watching a great hardcore ladder match.


Because Hogan,Bishoff,and Vince Russo are running the program


You sound like LP23.......actually LP23 is that you?


Man you wwe marks are some haters. Just because TNA is going to put wwe in the ground doesn't mean your 10 year old *** has to hate on it. Btw KID cena sucks. But you probably don't even know what wrestling is supposed to be like


At least TNA isn't PG


you know those guys that go on the internet and complain about wrestling, and pick on other companies acting like they know everything and act like if they know how to run a show? well thats you. you dont like something? then leave it alone and let it be.


ROH is boring so they should not even be in the equation