Is there proof of maryse ouellet having fake boobs?

I've seen many recent photos of here in bikinis, blouses, nothing (playboy) and tank tops. Some point to she may others she don't. Can anyone one honestly show me proof that she had work done? Or is she truely blessed?


Yes, they're fake. The easiest way you can tell if a woman is fake (and this is not meant to be gross) is to look at the cleavage area in between. If a woman has fake breasts, then there is a noticibly dent in between her chest from where the skin was pulled to fit the implants. It's especially noticable if the woman got implants that are much too large for her frame.


They're obviously fake, stick thin women like her never have naturally gigantic boobs.


Definitely fake.Fake boobs just have that look about them that make it easy to tell.


Maryse's boobs are fake saline. Saline are the cheaper circles ones. Silicon is much more expensive but looks much realer.

She's fake.

But enough about her, I want to see what E&C Connection has to offer.



look up the signs that tell you the difference between real and fake, it will become clear quick that they are fake