Are any wwe or tna wrestlers gay or bisexual in real life?

NO NOT THAT YOU "THINK" THAT THEY ARE GAY. Like legitimately gay. Like I discovered the other day that Orlando Jordan is Bisexual in real life.


Orlando Jordan is only current guy I can think off the top of my head. The only other wrestler that I can think of ever is Pat Patterson.

EDIT: The only other professional wrestler that I found besides the two above was Chris Kanyon, who died a year ago.


Remember the guy who won Tough Enough Maven people used to say that he was gay or bi but i'm not entirely sure


Orlando Jordan (TNA) is legitimately homosexual. I don't know of any other wrestlers that are.


The only one I know of is Orlando Jordan. He was actually going to do a bisexual gimmick in the WWE but was fired before he could get it started. Candice Michelle is married with a child. But on the other hand, if you Google "Candice Michelle Hotel" you'll see some of her pre-WWE work that defiantly can't be called straight (NSFW, BTW).