Did Sycho Sid really crap his pants at Wrestlemania 13 against the Undertaker?

I don't Exactly know at what point he did it,but they say it was after a power slam.…

BQ: Which one do you feel bad for more,Undertaker or Sid?

Considering Undertaker after that had to tombstone him


It's an urban legend. If it's true, I praise Taker for not showing it on his face because he had to Tombstone Sid. BTW, that match was pretty underrated. How come a rapid paced match where two big men flying all over the arena be called horrible?

BQ: Undertaker of course.


That became part of history's Mysteries.


Yes he did. Its well documented and Taker himself stated it afterwads.He first noticed it when he had Sid in the tombstone he couldn't believe what he smelt

And I don't think Taker ever came across as a guy who would lie about something like that.

You can't blame Sid lol, The pressure, anxiety, adrenalin rush etc of a Wrestlemania main event must have been too much for him.

But that was million times better to what happened to the poor guy in WCW PPV SIN in 2001

The most horrible and vicious injury in pro wrestling ever where his leg LITERALLY snapped in half. Horrible and too graphic to watch.