Why doesn't Big Show do the chokeslam anymore?

I recently got back into wrestling and I notice that Big Show's finisher is a sucker punch. Why doesn't he do the chokeslam anymore? Is it too PG-13 for the show or something?


Did you know that Kane does chokeslam to his opponents still? The reason why Big Show is using his fist to end his match is because everyone must be distict to one another. I also wondered why Kane does not do tombstone, but then I figured out that it is better if Undertaker will use it as a finisher. Basically, all of the WWE superstars must have different moves so that it will not look banal.


It's not the whole pg-13 thing. he still does the move though just not as much. they gave him this gimmick where he was unstoppable and his right hand would end any match. it started last year when undertaker feuded with big show.


He does do the chokeslam.Just rarely now.He has to be involved in a match with a guy like Cena,Undertaker,or some1 else to do or attempt it.

No it isnt to PG-13 either cause Kane does it and Undertaker does it too.


no , its just that he has got a big right hand to the jaw or to the temple knocking the opponent down.

besides he does use his chokeslam for opponents like undertaker kane etc


it is because sence he started a new charter that nocks people out he uses a big punch


no he still does it. just doesnt do it as much because the sucker punch is easier and "better?".