Are any wwe or tna wrestlers gay or bisexual in real life?

NO NOT THAT YOU "THINK" THAT THEY ARE GAY. Like legitimately gay. Like I discovered the other day that Orlando Jordan is Bisexual in real life.


Orlando Jordan is only current guy I can think off the top of my head. The only other wrestler that I can think of ever is Pat Patterson.

EDIT: The only other professional wrestler that I found besides the two above was Chris Kanyon, who died a year ago.

Apr 18 at 22:57

Remember the guy who won Tough Enough Maven people used to say that he was gay or bi but i'm not entirely sure

Apr 19 at 2:43

Orlando Jordan (TNA) is legitimately homosexual. I don't know of any other wrestlers that are.

Apr 19 at 6:52

The only one I know of is Orlando Jordan. He was actually going to do a bisexual gimmick in the WWE but was fired before he could get it started. Candice Michelle is married with a child. But on the other hand, if you Google "Candice Michelle Hotel" you'll see some of her pre-WWE work that defiantly can't be called straight (NSFW, BTW).

Apr 19 at 11:24