PLease Help! The Giver Questions! ?

1. Name the major characters introduced to you in this section.

2. What does being released from the community mean?

3. Describe the setting of the story in Section 1.

4. Why is Jonas so careful in his use of language?

5. Give an example that shows Jonas's concern for Precision of language.

6. Give an example of Asher not using precise language.

7. What is the significance of "dream telling" and "feelings" discussions that Take place during the family unit morning and evening rituals?

8. List 4 rules that everyone in the community must follow.

9. In section 1 we learn that all members of the community receive an "Assignment" at a certain time during their lives. What is an "assignment"?


okay, first off did you try reading the book? because these are not very hard questions and can be easily found in the book.

1. i'm not sure what scene your talking about. but assuming your talking about the first couple of chapters; Jonas, Lilly, and their mother and father

2. being released basically means being exiled, you will later find out that they kill you when you get released.

3. again, i'm not sure what section one is.

4. because that is how he is taught in school. they are not allowed to misuse a word, they are all very careful

5.when he said he was afraid but then corrected himself

6. i don't remember but it's right in the book's so nobody has secrets in their community lying, no boasting, share your feelings, share your dreams.

9.a job


Please, just read the book yourself. My friend uses this book in her English classes so I've read it once... great story. Let yourself be absorbed by it and let your imagination run wild.

Once you figure out what the 'giver' is you'll grasp the concept of 'being released'


Why don't you read the book yourself and try to answer the homework questions on your own?

I wonder if teachers know that kids cheat on their work in this manner. And how do you know you can trust the answerer to give you correct information? Wait...redundant question. I know the answer already.


First off, I have no idea what section 1 is, second, move this to homework help....