Any Good Teen drama or fiction story ideas/plots?

I would really appreciate anybody who could help my brain get started. Any teen drama, fiction, fantasy etc... story ideas/plots. Thank you so much to anyone who answers.


im just going to make up names

Sally and Jane are best friends.

Sally and Bob are best friends.

Bob likes Jane because he knows he cant have Sally.

Jane plays Bob and Sally knows about it and wishes to tell him but cant tell him because Jane is her best friend.

One day this girl lucy overhears Jane talking about Bob and saying she is playing bob so Lucy tells Bob and Bob calls it off with Jane

Jane gets into a fight with Lucy.

Sally is really sad because she shouldve told Bob what she knew but couldnt.

Bob understands Sally but they get into a huge fight over Lucy and Jane.

Lucy talks bad about Bob now because he is a concieted jerk.


As previously noted... Tips to help you find your own!:

Sketch the details of your main/potential characters start with looks, mannerisms, background, etc. Write the details down - or even draw them if you are a visual person.

Then take your main character or characters and imagine them in some new odd/out of the ordinary (out of your current work's context) places or scenarios – anything goes! Write down ideas on what would have to happen to your type of character or how they would react to the scenario you placed them in.

This may seem futile, but it will help you flesh out your characters further and give you insight into what you may want to happen to this type of character in a potential story. You may even come up with multiple story lines and can see if one of them just seems to be the best or easiest to continue

Strong well-crafted main characters can inspire readers to love your story as well as drive you to write a great story for these imagined beings to be in! :-)

This should get you going. Then you may want to write an outline of you story (a kind of synopsis).


I have heard that John Irving writes his endings first, down to the last line, and works backwards. The idea of the outline is to give you goals as you proceed. Writing the ending first may give you the "spark" you now need.


vampire diaries...i think they are bleh...but other people say that they are good, also there are books by sarah dessen like "the truth about forever" and "lock and key" and those are really good books....hope this helps! :))


Gigi is in love Kyle which is Hollie's boyfriend and Gigi and Hollie is best friends and Kyle is in love with Gigi and he is going to break up with Hollie to be with Gigi and then Hollie does a lot of really mean things to them cause there together and Hollie and Gigi end up enemies and then Gigi and Kyle end up in a really bad car accident and they almost die and then Hollie see's that she was being a bi**h and goes to see Gigi in the hospital and they make up but they still don't trust each other but it's a start cause when Gigi almost dies Hollie see's that she shouldn't have let a boy ruin there friend ship and that she wants her best friend back and now she knows she always knew that Kyle and Gigi was meant for each other and that she was being cruel and that she just wants every thing to go back to how they used to be and Gigi says how sorry she was and all and then they make up and then Gigi and Kyle end up together and Hollie and Gigi are best friends


I really like books by Ellen Hopkins. She has a great plot! Check out burned, crank, glass, tricks, identical. All of them are great! I LOVE HER BOOKS!


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You could use twilight for your inspiration and add a unique difference to it or just add something random to it


DO NOT: include vampires, zombies, werewolves. That' s a winner. Try something

different! Like turning something mundane into a world that' s crazily interesting, I suppose.