Writers: Would you read this? and other questions?

I'm writing a story! I am so pumped! YEAH!

So the plot of the story: There are these teenagers whose mom gets married... again. She keeps having these fail marriages, so they really don't expect it to last... but she thinks that it will. So anyway they are going to live with their adult brother... (Is possible?) and the book is going to tell about the first year of that. A lot of things are going to happen. The story is told from two people's povs. First is Aaron whose father is the mother's third husband, who is dying of cancer. He would live with his father, but his father is put into the hospital, so Aaron goes to live with his siblings. The other pov is Cody, a boy who is very close to the family and in love with Aaron's sister, Dakota.

Aaron is sixteen at the beginning and then turns seventeen. Is it okay for him to have a sexual relationship with his step-brother, removed? His step brother is 23, and teaches at the school where Aaron should be enrolled, if he doesn't drop out. How much different would things be if the step-brother is 25? or 26? Plz tell. ^.^

The girl Cody is in love with, Dakota, is raped by this guy named Ron... should he still love her?

the story is called "Hello Departure" cause my friend told me that it would be a cool title and she's cool so yeah, it's cool right?

Anyways, my other question is:

How do you guys stay motivated to write when it's summer and all you want to do is sleep and play and go to the beach and hang out with your friends and you would practically prefer anything to sitting around and writing? Also, I have this huge problem with writer's block.

P.S. Is a good place to post stories to get feedback? I made an account today so that when I finish rewriting some of my novel I can start posting it... Do you think this is a good idea?

Kay, l8r. Mitchie out! (Oh yea, oh yeah, oh yeah, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready... lalalalala.)

thank you for your help!


Well you're a very energetic little one, arent you? I don't know what the ending of your question was about but here's my answers and advice,

Yes it's possible to move in with an older sibling as long as they are over the age of 18, works and can support the family, and has permission by law.

Are you saying Aaron is going to have a relationship with his step-brother? Like a gay relationship? I suppose it's possible but kind of gross and close to incest. If Aaron is only 17 though, they can get in trouble by law for having sexual intercourse because Aaron would have to be 18 or older. It's considered rape by law.

Why would rape matter? If he loves her, he shouldn't blame her for what another guy forced upon her. It's not like she asked for it, correct? He can help her face her past with Ron.

Hello Departure is interesting. Maybe try another word before Departure such as Happy Departure or Total Departure. Im not sure on that one. Go with what you want, it's your story. But choose it because you like it, not because your friend told you it's "cool"

If you're having trouble with writers block, try some excercises. It sounds crazy, but the only way to get over writers block is to force yourself to write. A LOT. Try making up crazy short stories, writing a journal about your day, record your thoughts and dreams, or write a letter encouraging yourself to write, like a pep talk.

Stay motivated by making yourself a writing area. Mayby a desk covered with paper, pencils, erasers, pens, dictionaries and get some creative artwork/pictures to hang up on the wall. Add in some inspirational quotes. Everytime you think about doing something else, make a deal to yourself to write at least 4 sentences before you leave. If you're really discouraged, picture what it would look like finished. Imagine the pride you'll feel if you get it published. Picture it being a big hit show or movie. Look at other successful writers and their journeys. (Im currently trying to encourage myself to keep writing, so know you're never alone with writers block)

I don't know much about but if it sounds like a good site, try it. Also check out these books and websites:


Write Your Way Towards Home

They help with advice, tips and writing excercises.


It sounds good :3