Does this sound like a good meeting place for my characters?

I RARELY ask this question, but darn, I can't think up a way to introduce them, and I dont' want to go with the club which is kinda cliche for adult vamp novels and I don't want to go with school which is cliche for young adult vamp novels.

Here it is. It's a vampire urban fantasy, more in the psychological thriller realm. My main girl is spoiled, selfish, and conceited and she gets it from her mother (I just realized this today, haha). The girl's only goal is to spend her father's money and party with other rich kids. She doesn't have a job and doesn't plan on working (she's 18 and out of high school). She also doesn't want to go to college.

To keep her daughter from saying out late at night (for fear of vampires), her mom makes her do volunteer work at a homeless shelter. This is where she meets my vampire character. I've figured that this homeless shelter provides food and showers once a week to people who don't stay there. The vampire and his family lives in the sewers (in hiding) and once a week they go to the shelter for showers and clean clothes. Does this sound good? Or is it as pitiful as I think it is? lol.

Do you have any ideas on how they can "meet?" At first she doesn't like him because he's poor and always dirty and she thinks he's beneath him. Reality is that his family is very rich but have to live like poor people to keep from bringing attention to themselves (hunters will kill them). It's a psychological thriller because I spend the bulk of the novel showing how my vampire goes from begin benign and non-threatening to begin jealous of the girl (her freedom) and eventually turning evil. Also, just note that she's disgusted to be near him in the beginning, but she almost accidentally kills him and they end up being friends and that's were the jealous builds and stuff.


Sounds very interesting. I like the homeless shelter idea, and the plot is refreshing so..... un-Twilight-esque! Very original. I think I would love to read this story!


You're very welcome. Most idea's nowdays seem very run of the mill and all the same. You've put a unique twist on it, and I love that!

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