What are the worst Mary Sue characters you've read about?

they can be from fanfictions or novels. I personally think Bella is a HUGE Mary Sue, and so are Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale (even worse), Esme Cullen, Renesmee, Zoey Redbird, Aphrodite (from the House Of Night series)..even though I love House of Night I still think they are big Mary Sues. I think Aislinn from the Wicked Lovely series is a Mary Sue too, because she's Queen of the summer fairies and she has two guys after her, but she's not as bad as the other ones I mentioned.

btw, a Mary Sue is a character who's gorgeous, has no flaws and has a dramatic past, etc. (just in case you didn't know)


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I think she is even more of a mary sue than bella !

At least bella only has two guys after her, I have lost count on how many the whore zoey has. She has sex with a teacher! I gave up on tempted. It could have been such a good series. I think this is even more poorly written than twishite. I hate the house of shite series!

Evermore - Ever bloom - nothing happens to her and she has no personality

Aisling - omg is she bossy or what? Defo a mary sue who has to choose between a fit faery or a metal mouth mortal ?

Ah , I love you!

but I am thankful for bella swan, zoey redbird and ever bloom. At least I now know what to avoid when writing my book.

below - yes! omg! Clary is also one


Although I agree that Bella Swan is a Mary-Sue, I think Zoey Redbird is the biggest Mary-Sue of them all >.< Even the House of Night books themselves sound like they were written by a seventh-grader, it's just awful!

For fanfiction, the biggest Mary-Sue ever is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way from "My Immortal", a Harry Potter fanfiction. Some people are speculating that there's no way anyone could write something so horrible (it's actually pretty hilarious xP), so it might have actually been written as a parody. But as far as everyone else is concerned, it's just a really sh*tty fanfiction <3

Here's a link if you want to read it:


Oh my, don't even get me started. I remember a stupid chick-litty vampire phase I went through when I was eleven. Thank god I opened my eyes pretty soon. I think most of Twlight and the Marked series thing are Mary Sues. I can remember that this werewolf leader had a girlfriend with a scar on her face? That's the only realistic character I found in both series combined.

And, sadly, Penny from Relentless by Dean Koontz. I love the guy, I really do. He just messed up.


Bella swan obviously but I found one worse.

Some harry potter fanfic. She was an elf who was outcast from her elf village because her ears weren't pointed enough (yeah seriously). She was raped and ridiculed on her way through the forbidden forrest until she found hogwarts. She thought she was ugly but when students gave her compliments they were made to look like asshooles or perverts. She met a talking dragon that helped her but it was brutaly murdered by centuars. She kept it's egg however and has a pet baby dragon. She sparkled, had blue hair and rainbow-coloured eyes and could wield a wand even though she wasn't a witch. She also had control over the elements. None of this was relevant to the plot and was told not shown. The actual plot was; she finds snape as a sixth year joining the deatheater but helps him see the brighter side. Voldemort catches her and instead of using her over the top powers to escape she had to be rescued by snape.


I do think that Bella is a Mary Sue. She barely has a personality. And although clumsiness is not a flaw, it doesn't mean that you're a 'damsel in distress'. It just means that you're naturally clumsy.

(coming from a girl who is naturally clumsy)

Aislinn isn't as bad as a Mary Sue as some of the other characters you mentioned, but yes, she is a Mary Sue.

Clary from the Mortal Instruments series is somewhat of a Mary Sue. I don't remember off the top of my head of any flaws that she had.


Bella by far is the worst! Her character just screams Mary Sue. She has no personality, is plain yet still has a ton of guys after her. She can do no wrong and has Edward and Jacob do everything for her. Its like she's incapable of doing anything for herself. There are just no character flaws. Clumsy-ness is not a flaw. It only makes her more of a damsel in distress.


Probably every character in Evermore and Twilight.


Bella Swan.