Ideas for British character names?

I'm writing a story about these British friends who move to the city of London the boy is a fearless leader and is cute with an athletic body. Something kind of different but in a good way. And for the girl she is cute and petitie but an amazing fighter. You would never know it from looking at her though. Again different in a good way. Oh and they're good with herbs and stuff.


Some girl names that are usually used in british families areL Ashton, Nina, Joy, Erica, Amiee, and Eden. I have friends that are british and they say that these are common used names in their country (United Kingdom). Some guy names that are typically used in Britian are: Henry (extremely common) , Ryan, Elliot, Miles, Max, Munro, and Blane. Some last names for these names would be: Wellz, Wellington, Blackfood, Redfern, Sales, Barker, and Cellinton. Those are some of the last names of my distant friends. (: I hoped I helped and I wish you luck with your story! (:


daniel my old friends name was daniel and he was from england


Dexter and Katharine


There are several name generating sites available. This is Books & Authors; name generating is not the purpose here.


elizabeth and jack

edit: woops didn't mean to make it like pirates of the caribbean, the names just came to me.

maybe victoria and jack


Here is a link for the top 100 boy and girl names in England in 2009:…

I'd avoid Harry and Isabelle since Harry is already used and Isabelle is dangerously close to Isabella.


What I do is look up names on a baby name site, they are pretty good. Okay, I think Melisande, or Melisa will work. It means work/strength. I thought strength cause shes a good fighter. Or you can do Fleta which means swift. Last one is Bridget which means strength.