Should the N word be cut from Mark Twain's works?

Some say it should, and some say it shouldn't. What do you think?


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Definitely not. And I'm a black man.

However if he were to write that today I'd be first in line to punch his lights out.


NO! That's censorship.


Mark Twain's works should not be changed by fools.


Never. It alters the originality of his work.


While the N word is not very nice, cutting it out of Mark Twain's works would not portray what living during his time was like. His writing sheds light on discrimination and things like that. Why tamper with such an important writer's works?


No because it shows what it was actually like to be living in those times because it shows you what kind of vocabulary they used in those days and it shows how it has progressed to become a word that is now a vulgar/slanderish comment.


No, it should not. Censoring books should be punishable under the law. Makes me think of Nazi Germany.

It's blasphemous, and an insult to Twain's memory and literary genius. It is also an insult to every student who reads the book. If we can't teach children context, we can't teach them anything.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. If we want to censor books like this, we might as well stop teaching about all the sensitive topics: Slavery, Civil Rights, WWII...the list goes on and on.


Why single out Twain? If you are going to remove that word from the language, you have to remove it from every single other book where it was uttered. And then people will never understand what racial attitudes were all about, or how life was lived under segregation, so if it begins to happen again, they will have no point of reference and all that will eventuate is that some other group will feel the same

opprobrium that 'n' people once felt.