Is it bad to read books from your iphone/kindle?

i already read ebooks from my iphone, and i'm thinking of buying a kindle too.

but i feel like i'm losing the experiences of reading an actual book, if you get what i mean.

it just doesn't feel the same; reading harry potter from the actual book and reading it from your iphone.

should i just stop reading from my iphone and not buy the kindle, and just make more trips to the library? or do you think it'll make no difference?


i know how you feel. but just becuz it's new and electronic doesn't mean it's bad. it's helps.

it's just like reading the book. you should get a kindle! it's awesome! my mom has one!


My personal choice is real books. It isn't the same on a kindle or iphone.


Nope, it's fine. But holding the book just feels nice sometimes- then again think of the trees your saving from not reading a book in paper.


weigh the pros and cons.

Does the utility of the kindle outweigh that feeling of reading a physical book?

Read reviews from actual owners, there are over 13,000 reviews:


Kindle DX (larger screen - good if you have trouble reading smaller text like me):…

Nook gets good reviews too, although not as good as the Kindle:…


unless the iphone's able to have the same unlighted reading surface as the kindle, I would say it's bad on your eyes.

(The kindle's not backlit, so it feels like more of a book than looking at a computer screen.)

If you think it's losing it's feeling from reading on an electronic device, then just go to the library more often.