Any good books' series to read? PLEASE?

I just want some series' to read. Any thing would be great, please. Or books. I love to read about fantasy fiction. But anything else would be great, I just need something to read. :)


Check out the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. I'm not a big fantasy novel reader, but that series is really good.

Here's his site:…


Poirot! Funny and you learn some French along the way.


hunger games, gone series, i am number four, game of thrones.


I just saw the movie 'I Am Number Four' and apparently it is a book series, so I would look into that.. The movie was SO good, btw. :)


The Harry Potter series is quite good. Tamora Pierce is good too.


i have a bunch but i don't read fantasy fiction.i read books that are true stories.i don't find fiction that interesting since its not true.