What are some good book series for age 11-13?

my little sister is really in to books and she is almost finished with the uglies. She has read hungergames gregor the overlander and the uglies. if u have any interesting book series an 11 yr old would like please comment thanks!


Harry Potter


The Series of Unfortunate Events

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Series



Maximum Ride


The Vampire Chronicles

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Cirque De Freak

Artemis Fowl


the hunger games trilogy


twilight saga

house of night series

darkest powers series

answer mine?…


Harry Potter, definitely.

The Demonata Series are REALLY good.

I liked the Hunger Games, but she's already read those..

The Little House on the Prairie are amazing, I've read them twice. c:


well, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is good age-appropriate seriess

umm well, harry potter?\

hope i helped :)

*** p.s. dont go off te movies, books are always better** :)


I LOVED the Guardians of Ga'hoole when I was that age! Keep in mind, its easy reading, but there are 16(I think, but idk) books in the series, so it might take her a while.


What about the Percy Jackson series? I haven't read it but my sister has and she liked it a lot. Also, Harry Potter is always good and the Pretty Little Liars series