Books and Authors: Can you help me out; I'm trying to write a love letter?

Okay, so, I suck at writing ‘lovely dovey' stuff. But I really like this person. I want to write her a love letter, and to ask her out. It's just, I don't know how to word it, and I'm afraid I will say all the wrong things. Any tips on writing this letter?


Speak from the heart! Write the way you want the person to see you. If the person rejects you that's their loss.


aweh! That's so cute :} Ok, I think the main thing is to just be yourself. If you aren't a lovey dovey person (I used that same phrase earlier today... phrase of the day I guess XD) then don't make your note lovey dovey. As said from above, speak from the heart. Write like you are. If she likes you, she'll like you for you and not for the romantic guy (not saying you're not romantic) that you aren't, ya know?

Yeah, I fail at love stuff

I actually don't... it took me forever to choose which word to use