Writers; What is your biggest fear?

Mine would have to be that I would spend so much energy and time trying to write this story, but in the end it would be complete S***... =p ... Or that someone would come up with a similar idea by the time I am still planning it out.. and so it would become an issue of copyright... =/

What's yours?


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that my book will blend into the background and be forever a loser- all the books at the library will laugh at him :L




Writer's block.


Becoming passive.


I really don't have one. I write my stories because I enjoy the writing process. If anyone else ever likes them, that's a bonus, not a requirement.


My worst fear, as a teenager striving to be an author, is to lose my work. That would be awful...and not to have any files to back it up! It would be a complete nightmare.


The biggest fear is to fail to complete the job. That would be and enormous waste and loss of great possibilities.

Get writing, be passionate about it, and always be pushing yourself in the right direction.

Good luck!


That it is crap.

That the relationship between my MCs (which I am desperately trying to make non-cheesy) is compared to Twilight somehow. (And no I am not writing about vampires/werewolves/Mary Sues)

That it is actually good, but someone steals the idea/randomly has the same idea somehow and publishes it before me.