Why is Scout a good narrator for To Kill a Mockingbird?

I'm writing an essay but I can't think of another reason to why. I already have she is a child and no other characters could have been a good narrator. Any other reasons why? Thank you!


The author grew up in the South, and she reflects on how it was like growing up in the South. The main character, Scout, was chosen to be the narrator because she describes from a first-person viewpoint how it was like growing up in the South during those times.


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honestly i dont believe she is and i didn't care for the book but if i had to bs it than i would say do to scout being one of the main characters in the story then she was in a position to experience every thing going on in the story and have an unbiased (again just bs ing it) opinion on the matters of the book


She's a child, which means she starts off with a naive perspective on the world that is gradually sullied with the realization that real life is hard and full of prejudices. Through a child's eyes, the author shows the evils of the society in which Scout lives, eyes that are completely without prejudice or judgment. The whole point of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is to highlight the evils of the society it is written about.


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