Nice things to say to a girl you like when there crying? for my book easy 10 points?

So in my booko the girl is crying and the boy is trying to make her happy but is trying everything and she wont stop crying. shes crying beacause her parents and uncle and aunt plus younger cosins died and she had a night mare with them in it. Thank you so much if you help!


Honestly, if it were *me*, I wouldn't want him to say anything at all. When she's been through something so big, something like "It'll get better," "it's okay," "i'm sorry," all would seem too small.

Maybe I'm weird like that, but it kind of annoys me when guys want to 'fix' everything. Some things can't be fixed. It's just enough for a guy to be there and not back away when things get uncomfortable.

Hope that helps.

Happy Writing :)


um... try it'll be ok, you have friends that will do ahatever they can, and I'll be a shoulder to cry on.


i'm really sorry about it..............Shhhhh! calm down. don't cry....remember you are not alone...i'll be there for you matter what..u can always rely on me.....I'll help you get out of this..... pull ur self together...i know it is hard for you....but u need to get going with your there anything i can do to make you feel better?

I guess something along those lines would be good......good luck with your book! :D


Do they believe in God? If so, you can have him tell her that someday she'll be reunited with them. Also that they wouldn't want her sad, they would want her to be as happy as she can be and live for them.


OK. ill give you my ideas....

" Crying just makes it worse" I whisper in here ear. She sniffs and looks up at me. Her beautiful brown eyes glistened. She opened her mouth to speak, bt i placed a finger on her lips.

" I know it hurts, but we all have those days, those days you just want all the pain to stop, those days where you just can't go on, well that day isn't your day" I stood up and cradled her in my arms. " If you want the pain to stop, then we'll make it stop" She gave me a slight smiled then wrapped her arms around my neck.

" I love you" She whispers

" I love you too" I smile.

This is just my not the best at romance and sob stories but this is all i gotst, take it or leave it..hop i helped!

peace, love HALO=]


the most natural thing would be for the character who likes the girl if she is ok, then to ask if there is anything he can do to help her. She will, of course, sy no - so he should then go and buy her a soda, and one for himself, and sit down with her. She will probably open up as she starts to drink, and begins to calm down.


A simple "hey what's wrong?" can go a long way, followed by "I understand" and a completely non-sexual "I-actually-care-how-you-feel" hug. For most people it's not what you tell them to cheer them up, it's the fact that they listen to you when you talk about what's wrong that cheers you up.

PS: do not have him say "it was just a nightmare" because it's not just a nightmare. Her family really is dead. She'd be likely to go off on him if he said something like that.