Hey..what are cool spy school names for my book?

my main charater is a spy and she goes to a secret spy school...and im out of names. help? thank u


I'm not sure if you need help with the characters name or the school, so I'll do both.


I.S.A ~ International Spy Academy

G.A.I ~Global Agent Institute

U.E.A~Universal Espionage Agency

N.S.A~National Sleuth Alliance

A.S.S~ All-exclusive Snoop Seminary (A.S.S LOOOOOOOL :P)

F.U.S~Federation of Universal Sleuthing



Kria (Kree-uh)

Diyanne (Die-annae)

Mariial (Marry-ul)


Rae Anna 9ray-anna)


Janette (Jan-ett)

Lollita (Lol-eet-uh)

Nina (neen-uh)

Valyaiah (val-ay-uh)

Hoep these help. The sites are for the school names. Combine them like I did :)


How about the name 'Kim'?


taylor, cassidy, anne, cassandra, alexandra, rose, rosemarie, analise, sandy, hayden, kayla, chloe, Samantha (sam), toni, emily, elizabeth, bethany, averill, anastasia, lindsey, katie, scarlet, elise, isabella, nancy, elena, renee, mia, grace


Becca, Bella, Mia, Liz, Kat, Jessica, Rosie, Holly, Cassies


Academy for Young Spies (A.Y.S.)

Spy Elementary(S.E.)