I need fake high school names?

Im writing a story and I need a name for the high school they go to. I would also like mascots and school colors too


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Sir Henry Barnet High

Riverbank High

Westbank Secondary/High

Easton High

Ashton High

Arrowsmith High

Crosswell Secondary

Northvale High/Secondary

Northdale High/Secondary

Melrose Public School

Eppingswood High

Riverdell High

Cedarwood High

Colby High

Mascots- Here are ideas -…

School colours- normally colours are reds, blacks, golds or bright blue for school colours.

Uniform is usually a red- not bright, but not dark, navy, black, with grey skirts/dresses, and white shirts.


Hamilton High, Dragon, red and blue.


Mckenderick high, rattlesnake, green and silver


Nasanthum highschool of Colorado

Mascot: Bull

Colors: Green, red and brown


What town does this high school exist in? Or you can name it after a president or someone who you think is a hero. You can make their colours black and red and make the mascot a bear or your fave animal.


well wherever they live you can put "___ high" and mascots are easy! just pick tiger or maybe your school's mascot. school colors should be blue and gold. gold is first and so is blue! :D

pls answer mine! :3;…


Just take the name of a famous president, politician, or civil rights leader and add "high school" to the end: McKinley High School, MLK High, Caesar Chavez High School, etc.

As for colors, it's your story, just pick your two favorite colors and voila.


Regardless of real life, in books you can make titles, names and details (such as a mascot) mean so much more than they appear. For example, if you have a town full of... werewolves. Name the school something having to do with "night" or "silver", and make the mascot something ironic or serious having to do with werewolves! Same with colors: it's all int he details. There's also another plus to doing this: if your reader finds the connection between these small details, it'll make them fell, for lack of a better word, smart! Try looking at the main idea of you book. If someone was describing your book in one word, what word would they use? Try making this go along with details and titles and names!

Good luck, and sorry I didn't technically give you a name/mascot/colors!