Do you have this at your dance studio?!?

At my studio we have this thing called TA's (teachers assitant) but there actually like teens that dance at the studio. they get to teach all the younger classes and get to do specials things and all that. And not everyone can do it, u have to be like a really good dancer. O want to be one next year and iwanted to know if anyone had this at there studio had this and they were a TA and they could tell me what its like. Thanx :)

And if you are one, can you describe exactly what you do.


I have not been a TA, but I am familiar with what they do (we also do TA's at my dance studio). Where I dance, a TA will come during a younger class, and most likely be doing the same things as the younger children. However, the TA is also an example of how the younger children should dance. In addition, the teacher may ask you to demonstrate on how to do a certain exercise, then you do it in front of the younger class. Along with that, you will dance in front of the class so that if they forget the combination, they can look to you for recollection. So always pay attention to what the teacher is saying. Have fun! :D


We have 5 TA's at my studio (myself included). I have been a TA for a year now at my current studio, I was also a TA at my former studio for a year.

It varies by studio of what exactly you do. First off, your teacher has to pick you if they want you for a TA. Second, by your skill level will probably help decide what age class you will help teach. Most TA's start off teaching preschool (if your studio goes that young).

I'll just tell you what my last year has been like: I am a TA for a preschool and a K-1st class. There are 2 other preschool classes and 2 other K-1st classes, two other girls help with those. My preschool class last half and hour. We do ballet for 10 min and tap for 10 min. At the start of class we do a little warm up. We have some felt flowers that the girls sit on and do their stretches.

K-1st class last an hour. We also have them sit on the felt flowers to stretch at the start of class. Then we do ballet for about 15 to 20 min, then switch to tap for 10-15 min. then do jazz the rest of the class.

At the end of both preschool and K-1st classes I give the girls stamps on their hand.

If you become a TA be perpared for a lot of work. You may know lots about dance, but you have to slow down for little ones who are just learning. You also must be patient. And you must keep your cool, because sometimes a little one might throw a fit during class.

good luck to you!


My dance studio does have Ta's. I have never been one but I know how to be one. You have to help the other kids do there stretches. You have to also memorize their rectal dance. At the rectal you have to stand to the side to the stage were the AUDIENCE can't see you and you have to do the dance with them in case the forget something.


yea we have that....pretty much you help the students and do all the steps that the teacher is teaching so that they have someone to watch that knows how to do it


I have them at my studio. I am a teacher's assistant actually haha. Well its really fun. The kids at my studio are nice. I usually help with the toddlers. I am considering moving up to at least 6 and 7 year olds for next year. I have been dancing for 12 years now. It's fun and I'm sure you can be one. At my studio you have to sign a contract and you have to commit yourself to it. So good luck! You will enjoy it! And remember to work hard!