To all you ballerinas,?

I'm starting ballet next month and I am very excited. Naturally, I have many questions.

1. What is your diet like?

I know a girl who does ballet and she is very strict about what she eats. I am 13, 5' 3", and 94lbs. What should my diet and eating habits be like?

2. How should I stretch?

I know it's very important to be flexible and things like that. Ever since last week I have been stretching every day for about 10 minutes. Do you have any techniques I may use?

3. And what else should I know about this?

Thank you very much! :)


1. You are a perfect weight for a beginner ballerina. You're taller than me and weigh less, and I've been doing ballet for 9 years. So you probably don't have to worry about that. Just don't eat a lot of junk and you'll be fine.

2. Stretching is so important. Last year, my ballet instructor made me sit in each one of my splits for eight minutes. It was one of the most painful ordeals of my life, but it helped so much! Just stretch each muscle, focusing on hamstrings, calves, lower and upper back and arms, every single day. You will get better and better each day.

3. Just do your best! You may get frustrated in the beginning, and you're always going to compare yourself to "the better girls". But don't let them get you down! Ballet is all about discipline, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to love every minute of it!

Good Luck! :)


Stay nuetral- if youre on pointe then the lighter you are the easier it will be on your feet. Just eat healthy.

Stretch daily- splits especially and arms too. Put music on while you stretch it always helped me.

And thats about it(:


If you're just starting you REALLY do not need to worry about your weight or your diet. You don't even need to worry about that unless you are employed in a professional ballet company. Don't obsess over anything, just try and enjoy class :)


Diet? I don't have a incredibly strict "diet". I eat healthy and rarely eat junk food (only for a treat maybe once a week and in small portions) although I really don't enjoy most unhealthy "snacky" food. I don't eat anything fried and would NEVER touch a hamburger...French fries on occasion...:) anyway a girl of your size doesn't need to worry about diet too much just eat a lot of fruits and veggies and stay away from fried breaded or baked goods.

Stretching is just your basic stretches...not much special but if there's something in particular you want to stretch email me

Straddle sits, Pike stretches, hollywoods, etc.

(Its very good that you stretch everyday)

Not much else to tell You but have fun and if you have any other questions I'd love to help! :)