What do you think of this idea....?

I'm saving up for a brand new, state of the art pocket protector...I currently do not have enough money so I was brainstorming again...

I got the idea that I would create kind of a toilet mobility service...I will get a van with a toilet installed in the back...I will drive from neighborhood to neighborhood in my toilet mobile and stop by peoples houses, and offer a trip to the bathroom for only $1.00 per ounce of bodily waste. I will drive around neighborhoods like the ice cream truck does, with Susan Boyle blaring from the van. That will be the signature sound and everyone will say "Listen! The toilet truck is coming!"

What do you think of that idea?

I really want that new pocket protector...


are you talking weight or measure.

you gotta think these things through!


Your whole idea needs refinement. Better to drive your Poopmobile around in areas that lack facilities.


Just don't let E Man borrow any money.


You are not very funny or clever - and this is in the wrong section

Good Day~~