I met a really nice girl today. How should I talk to her again?

I met a really nice girl in the church today. We talked for like 1.5 hours, mostly me listening to her, as I showed alot of interest about her family and all. And then before we left, I asked for her number and asked if it was okay I text messaged her.

I sent her a text message already saying it was great meeting you today. She was in a hurry to meet her cousin as she missed the appointment after our conversation. I want to text message her one more - something stronger where I will honestly hear from her. What should I message her?


Ask her how her day was (women love that) Its seems like she likes to talk since you said you mostly listened. I would also follow up on something you guys talked about during that hour and a half. Something interesting must have come up that you can continue to talk about.


how bout, "How was your day today?"


I have the same question but Mine I s I met Her on church retreat and I like her but I dont have the to talk to her so I like her and she doesn't really know me but lots of girls think I am cute any way I think you should say hi then maybe ask a question and that might start a conversation or just talk about a subject that she might be interested in