Do you like assistance when you shop or do you like to be left alone?

I really hate to be bothered by salespeople when I shop. I would probably shop more at some stores if their salespeople didn't follow me around offering help. I would like to go into a macys or sephora and try out the makeup testers to find what colors look best on me but usually end up just picking something quickly to get out of the store. I feel cheap if I go in just to look around and try the stuff and don't buy anything. I usually take the eyeshadow applicator home with me that I have used to try an eyeshadow because I can wash and reuse the applicator again. I see no point in just throwing it away since I am always having to buy more spongy applicators because they don't last long and the ones at the trial spots seem to last longer.


Well... finally someone who feels like I do... I have a perfect example for what I have done in the past with the annoying people. Then, I will give you some ideas on how to keep the pesky sales clerks out of your hair, until you ASK for help.

I went shopping to buy my daughter all new bedroom furniture. I went store to store trying to find a bargain. In 8 of 9 stores, I had the pesky, I am living on a commission clerk. I looked high and low at every furniture store within 30 miles from my home. When I got to the 9th store, the people stayed BEHIND the counter and told me if I need help to let them know. This impressed me very much. I walked back to where I was pointed, and found the GREATEST Ashley bedroom suite. It was more pricey than the other stores furniture, but I thought to myself, that because I had the freedom to lay down on it, and I had the freedom to look it over without someone steaming up my collar, that I should buy it. The last thing I wanted to do was go back to one of the cheaper stores and have to deal with their pesky salesman. So, I did purchase it, and though it was more expensive, (and I had been originally shopping the bargain,) I found that the furniture would grow with her and it would be the ONLY FURNITURE I would have to buy for her until she moves from my home. I explained to the salesman, still behind the counter, that I was buying from there because I had been chased by the relentless sales zombies in every other store I had been to. I thanked them for their help by staying behind the counter, until I asked them to come and see what was in stock there.

When I left, I smiled to myself as I thought of ways I would keep the salesman off of me the next time. I think I shall share this with you and those who read this post, so that we may start a way to get them to model their stores after the mom and pop store that I adore. Here are a few of my ideas, and if everyone would do this, we would see less and less of these pests.

1) You can talk to an imaginary little friend on your shoulder. Say something, (while looking at your shoulder,) like this... No i don't like it when they follow us either... you want me to do what to him/her? I cannot do that... please don't make me do it...

This will send them back to the right side of the counter cowering...

2) Wipe your face when they start to talk, and tell them if they spit in your face again, you shall have to do something more drastic...

Oh, golly, the threat of something more drastic, leaves the mind wondering WHAT the more drastic really is.

3) Explain that you have just come from a different competitor store from across town, and THEY didn't follow you around, so if it should continue, you will go back there to make your purchases.

The thought of having you go somewhere else will leave them with no other chice but to leave you alone. Tell them the name of the store, even if you really didn't just come from there...

4) Develop a twitch and tell them that pressure causes you to do unimaginable things...

What do I have to say to let you know the reasoning behind this one? LOL.

5) Stick your finger up your nose, pull it out and attempt to shake their hand to introduce yourself...

Eww. Germs are a WONDERFUL deterrant...

Good luck to you on your next shopping trip. If you are feeling their grip, give them one of your own. Hugs and happy shopping!


Want to shop alone. But I understand the salesperson' point of view too having had that job. The retail manager's are not always, but often enough, a little simple...they watch the sales staff like a hawk. If a person walks in the sore and you don't immediately confront person, and ask what they are looking for, and continue to shadow them and go back to is considered that you are ignoring the customer and are lazy. And if a customer says "I'm just looking", for such a manager, you've got to turn that leave me alone into a sale, or you are a slacker....etc.

I know, I've walked into a store, felt 12 eyes on me and 6 walking toward me and walked back out fast. But just know where it is coming from. The salesperson doesn't want to hound you, they just want to keep a job.

I find "I'll ask you when I need help. Thanks." to work well enough.


i will only want to be left alone if i already know what i want


I prefer to shop alone. I find that salespeople will leave me alone if asked.


lol..I also hate being badgered in stores...I love some of Dominique's solutions up usually I just breeze by them saying, "I'm just looking thanks, I'll let you know if I need any help." they usually back off at that point--they want the buyers, not the browsers if they work on commission. If they persist I will leave...even if I was planning on buying something.


That is pretty cheap lol, but that does not mean it is a bad thing. You can just politely let the salesperson know that you do not need any assistance, they will understand. They are just doing their job, if they did not come up to you then it would also be a bad thing. Since they always will (hopefully), just clue them in that you would rather be left alone in a polite way.