Why are waiters/waitresses so surprised when they don't get tipped?

That is because their service is heinous. They are rude to their customers, slam the food on the table, when you ask for specific condiments etc, they get you some other one, when you politely tell them this is not what you ordered, they get passive-aggressive, mumble and just behave like little children.

I mean, why are some waiters and waitresses so shocked when their customers refuse to leave them a tip?


If they are doing what you said they are then they do not deserve one .I have been in restaraunts were they are fighting and stuff being thrown in the kitchen ending up in peoples food Iam talking a peice of glass they did nothing about it. So we left .


Obviously they're crazy and can't comprehend anything.


Where I live, lots of restaurants automatically include a tip on the bill and it's usually something ridiculous like 8 dollars


Perhaps they have not been trained properly - a tip is from the acronym To Insure Promptness, and is given for those who provide ( at least ) decent service


Because as far as they are concerned they deserve the tips because they worked hard to serve you. You were being awkward by asking for condiments and when they brought the wrong ones, you brought them up on it. What a nerve. They also deserve a tip because you walked into their establishments.

OK all of the above is me being sarcastic - the norm nowadays is that people expect to be tipped regardless of weather they did a good job or not.

I only tip when I am really pleased with the service or they bent over backwards to help us - which is something that doesn't happen that often.