Why was john adams a bad president?

what were some mistakes made by him while he was president? i thihnk one was the xzy affair or something


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Well, that is entirely a matter of opinion. Adams generally did a good job. He made some mistakes, but when you consider that he was only the second president (not to mention the successor of George Washington? Tough act to follow.) of a brand-new nation with an unheard of system of government that the rest of the western world expected to fail, you can hardly say that he was given a fair shot. But that's neither here nor there.

Examples of issues with John Adams and his presidency:

- XYZ affair

- Alien and Sedition Act

- he tended to have a nasty temper, had mood swings, fell easily to jealousy, and thought highly of himself

- there were tax raises while he was in office


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He wasn't perfect. But he did keep the U.S. out of War when the French Revolution occured. U.S. involvement in the War between Austria, Prussia, the British, the Spanish, Holland etc. & the French that occured afterwards could have been disasterous for the U.S.


The XYZ Affair was no fault of Adams, but rather French ministers demanding a bribe from American negotiators.

Anyway, many historians and common people alike feel that our first few presidents - Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison - were among the best we've ever had. However, if you think Thomas Jefferson was the best of this group, then John Adams may be a "bad" president in your eyes (Jefferson and Adams held different views). The Alien and Sedition Acts did give some people reason to criticize him. Nonetheless, Adams led the country during its early years and kept it out of major conflicts. His presidency may not have been the best we've ever had, but it probably was not the worst, either. Also remember that one's personality (John Adams could have been moody at times) is not the only factor that determines one's skill at leading a nation.


That's kind of a loaded question, isn't it? Why do YOU think he's bad?

Because if you think he was a bad president, you might be the only one. In nearly every survey of historians, Adams ranks in the top 15 presidents, even the top 10.

Apart from a few foreign policy missteps, Adams's presidency was largely a continuation of Washington's. Thus, he helped Washington set the tone for what the office of Presidency should be. Also, the fact that he peacefully and gracefully exited office when Jefferson took over is a precedent that set the stage for hundreds of years of stability in American government.


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