What was the best battleship in world war one?

okay i pretty much know everything about world war two ships but i dont know much about world war one ships! all i know is they had a lot of heavy fu$^&* firepower because they didnt have to worry about air plains so they put on as many big guns as im wondering what battleships or dreadnoughts were the best in world war one? like in ww2 yamato,tripiz,iowa they were pretty much the most powerful ships but im clueless about world war one battleships........i hope ill be able to get some answers!.. thank you


The only 2 navies that mattered in WW1 were those of Britain and Germany. The most advanced type of warship was the Dreadnought,a type of heavily armed battleship.Dreadnoughts were more or less generic across the navies of all nations,so were very similar in terms of armament,armour,and speed. The German navy maintained 12" guns as the main armament of their Dreadnoughts after other navies had switched to 14" or 15" guns as main armament.

The most powerful Dreadnoughts afloat in WW1 were the Royal Sovereign Class of the Royal Navy,launched 1n 1916 and 1917:

HMS Royal Sovereign.

HMS Revenge.

HMS Royal Oak.

HMS Resolution.

HMS Ramillies.

These were oil powered ships with main armament 8 x 15" secondary armament 14 x 6" with belt armour of 13.1".

Most powerful German Dreadnoughts were the Konig Class, completed 1914:


Grosser Kurfust.


Kronprinz Wilhelm.

Steam powered ships, main armament 10 x 12" secondary armament 14 x 3.9" belt armour 14.3"


The U.S.S. Constitution, Old Ironsides, H.M.S. Eddie


USA was nothing in world war I, sorry guys. It was all Britian, France, and Canada.


The Bismarck was the most heavily armed and most feared by the British so they hunted it down. It was a German battleship.