8th Grade History report?

I didn't know how to ask that question.. My teacher assigned me 4 projects for vacation homework and I have exactly 14 days left of vacation... Two out of the 4 projects are reports on different topics..

I'm still behind because it is a lot of homework and my other teachers assigned me a lot of homework too.. Another thing is that I procrastinate a lot.. Umm.. Can you make me a format here don't use the internet unless you find a real good one.. But can you type it here and put the link in the sources?

The reports I have to do are; The Louisiana Purchase, and I had to pick an invention from the industrial revolution which I picked the steam car.. I want to get a good grade on it. Here is an example of what I want:

Page 1:

1. what is a steam car?

2. what does a steam car do?

3. who invented it?

Well something like that only better and more organized. I want to provide a lot of information too. So can you make me two of these? One for the Steam Car and the Other for the Louisiana Purchase?

I'm not good at these types of things so that's why I'm asking..



A steam car is a light car (automobile) powered by a steam engine.

Few steam cars have been built since the 1920s, although the technology is not implausible and projects intermittently occur to recreate a "modern" steam car with modern levels of convenience, performance and efficiency.

Nicolas Joseph Cugnot invented the steam car in the year 1769. yup im right