Why was the 70's so different than the 80's?

Like people looked completely different and they had different music and it seemed like a huge difference between the 70's and 80's.

But in the year 2000 let's say then 2010, not that much changed in fashion, music, etc...

Why were the 70's so different than the 80's and the same with 80's and 90's but no one has really changed in the last 10 years, drastically that is.


The seventies was a dormant period and then the Punk brought some inspiration. Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious, the Sex Pixtels. In the seventies it was the disco scene, Saturday Night Fever. Which was a big hit movie. The fashionable punk style carried on and then Michael Jackson made his big come back in 1982 After he disappeared for awhile and introduced the moon walk and break dancing and then came along the rap music and hip hop.

But as they say the disco tech scene would out the way it came out the door.

All startedwith rock'n roll with Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Little Richard and that led on to the sixties the British evasion The Beatles on the the Ed Sullivan show. Their first debut in 1964.

Basically the punk trends carried on over into the eighties, Cindy Lauper and very over dressed to kill, Joan Collins, Dynasty.

Cindy Lauper was the one to throw all different unmatcheted clothes together and Madonna wore her underwear going out.


uhhhhhhh, Limp Bizkit isn't popular anymore like there were in 2000. Same goes for raver pants, bleached blond hair like Eminem, etc.


It wasnt Into the Mid 80' stuff started to change. Just think, why did the 90's Change so much compared to the 2000's?

We had more Technology

Computers Starting Coming Out

Cell Phones were starting to be used

More reliably cars started to appear

New types of music started to appear (stuff you or i might not have noticed)

New bands emerged

New styles emerged

Slang words were getting used

I mean its pretty similar to the 70's-80's, i mean just compare and contrast


911, Bush's spending as a response. The attack meant larger government. A black president, the disrespect he's been shown. The Republicans disagree with him even if he proposed for everyone to eat lunch capped the new century so far. But.

To every action is an equal and opposite reaction. Things will get better soon.

Look for the book, 'Future Shock'. It helps to explain the situation and is entertaining.

The computer coming of age has put millions out of work and indoors. Cigarettes are 8 dollars a pack and gas is 3 dollars a gallon. All these things lead to a depression.