Who did John F. Kennedy cheat?

On Jackie with? (besides Marilyn Monroe)


John F. Kennedy was President from 1961-1963. JFK chased women like a man possessed. His numerous sexual encounters are so plentiful, there are just too many to mention them all. He has had affairs with White House workers, Gangsters girlfriends, staff members, reporters, and Movie stars. There was always a swarm of girls being secretly admitted into the White House for Jack's personal pleasures. And he used the Secret Service to cover his tracks and make sure there was no "evidence" of the affair left behind for his wife Jackie to find. It is even said that he had often participated in 3-somes as well with 2 women at the same time. Kennedy had the type of penetrating life style that any man would be jealous over.

Some of his more famous affairs were with Angie Dickinson, Kim Novak, and the most famous of all, Marilyn Monroe. JFK also had a suite on the 8th floor of Washington's Mayflower Hotel always on his beck and call for any of his extramarital affairs.

During his Presidential race with Nixon, Jack inquired if there were any girls waiting for him before one of their debates. An hour and a half before they were supposed to go on the air, Kennedy was in a hotel room with a hooker. He was also involved with a woman who was suspected of being a German spy at the time, named Inga Arvad who was being watched by the FBI.

In February, 2008, newspaper reports came forward about an illegitimate son of JFK found living in Canada. Allegedly the outcome of an affair he had had with a Texas woman. Supposedly, the child was conceived in February 1961, about one month after Kennedy's inauguration as President. The mother was introduced to the President by Vice-President Lyndon Johnson..


Not Death


Judith Campbell Exner


No one real knows. It could be that his father's affair was always on his mind. Many people who have power seem to believe its merely a thing people do.


JFK was killed 48 years ago. Why ask this question now, when the man can't possibly deny or explain the charges against him? And, why ask us? I'm sure none of us was an eyewitness to the alleged adultery. Morbid curiosity isn't a good reason to throw dirt at a dead man.


Everyone from Frank Sinatra down has said that Judith Campbell Exner was a fabulously beautiful woman when she was well known by the FBI to be the mistress of President John F. Kennedy.

Even before he married Jacqueline Bouvier, Kennedy began a steamy romance with a Swedish woman named Gunilla von Post

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Jayne Mansfield and John F. Kennedy. Jayne was widely rumored to have slept with JFK in the White House on three separate occasions.

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