How does the 7th amendment affect society today?

Doing a project for US history in th grade and i cant seem to find this or think of anything!

Please help!:)


Your right to trial by jury. It tempers the law to community standards by having your "peers" decide who is right and who is wrong. Allows for the difference between physical and social circumstances in each community.

For exampe, in small town USA, failure to shovel the snow off the side walk is not big thing, everyone in small town USA expects everyone else to be careful while waking in the snow, and anyone trying to sue you will have a hard time getting a jury to agree you are at fault for someone slipping.

If you don't shovel the snow in down town New York where everyone expects the sidewalks to be safe to walk on, the jury is likely to decide against you.

Those examples are the 7th amendment in action. Each decision was based on the values of your peers.


Since as you must surely know the 7th amendment guarantees each citizen a trial by a jury, do you REALLY need strangers to tell you how it affects society? Seriously? You can't seem to 'find' this? Why would you need to find it? I mean, what's the problem here? Just off the top of your head, using common sense, are you telling us you can't think of some ways that the right to a trial has affected society? Or perhaps you just don't want to use the effort to think in the first place? Let me know.