Can i use guitar tabs for ukulele?

like i know the chords are played differently.

but can i use chords from on my ukulele? does it work out the same? or do i need to find different tabs.



If you want to play guitar songs directly from tab on your uke, then no. Unlike sheet music, tabs are specific to the instrument they were written for.

If you're just talking about using guitar chords on a uke then...Partially, if you're using the DGBA tuning you can use treble side chord forms D,A,F,Am etc...

Don't think you'd have much luck with either GCEA or ADF#B using standard guitar chords.

*Note* when you're hunting up uke tabs make sure to look at what tuning they are using! Gets pretty frustrating pretty quick if you've got it tuned the wrong way for the song!

Found a neat chart at…

They really are a fun instrument and with just a little work you can blow peoples minds with the music that can come out of those things!



Tab is a graphic representation of the strings and frets. Guitar tabs are written for 6 strings and a specific tuning. A ukulele only has 4 strings and is tuned differently than a guitar. You'll need to use tab that was written for the ukulele. Since there are several ways to tune a uke, you'll have to verify that the tab is written for the tuning that you're using.

Musical notation or "sheet music" is more universal since it shows the notes (and timing) then leaves it up to you to find them on your particular instrument.


The tuning is different - so different tabs, sheet music transfers.