Does being generous get you anywhere?

Does being generous get you anywhere?


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if you believe in karma and the flow of life theory-thing then yes... very much so.

what you reap you sow...

what you give out comes back to you.

i tend to find that to be true. you can be generous and giving of "things" NOT financially.

be generous with your time, with your care, empathy, smiles etc. just giving of yourself!

it makes you a nicer person to be with. and that is then reflected back to you by other people.


They say that favors given have mostly ulterior motives in them. But *True generosity* is another thing, and it doesn't limit its meaning within material matters alone. So, if one is generous by heart ---- giving out care and loving attention to those in need, "he gets CLOSER to the hearts of some people". Isn't that far and fair enough achievement in this world?


While you are generous you must see whether you are perfect in all other things. There should not be any hole.


Generosity has become a honorable trait among societies. The ego is a very powerful part of the human persona, and it needs to be fed. By being generous, a person will be positively stimulated with a sense of self-righteousness.


Initially it fulfills a sense of happiness and pleasure to help others and be kind. In the long run, not really, it makes you vulnerable to be taken advantage of.


Not, if you don't get anything back. Technically It wouldn't get YOU anywhere if you don't benefit from it.........but then again, some people are more happy with giving than receiving, so it would make you gain happiness and self satisfaction, and that is far more important to me than material gain. It really depends on who you are.


You could try an experiment and find out.

Personalty I won't take someone else's opinion on such an issue. I found being closed and stingy isn't as much fun as it sounds. Being generous with a smile does seem to work well.


too much generousity will make your purse empty, ,,,,,gets you nowhere