What if everybody on this planet spoke the same language?

A lot gets lost in translation. If everyone spoke and thought in the same language, do you think we would have the same issues we have today?


Communication would certainly be easier, just as having a single currency would make traveling easier. But things are not lost in translation because of different languages, but because of different cultures. It's not the words that don't translate; it's the ideas, humor, values, and experiences of life. What makes sense in one part of the world wouldn't in another even if we spoke the same language. Even with a common currency, some countries would be poor while others rich. So yes, I believe that we would have the same issues as we do today.


It wouldn't matter if we spoke the same language when the issues we having the result of not sharing the same views on the same ideas.


Then translators would lose their jobs =P

It's not just about "getting lost in translation". Even we spoke and thought the same language, what we want is still going to be different. It's just that nothing's "lost in translation" and we know what the other person really wants.

Just something that came to mind as i answer this. Just look at North and South Korea. They speak the same language, don't they? But why? Ok, i admit i never went through their history but suppose even if i did, i would still not understand why.

So it's not or at least, not just the language.



People who speak the same language argue and misconstrue their meaning constantly. Thinking that the error is in the mechanics is pedestrian.


I believe we would still have the same problems but would be better able to sort them out.


We do have two common languages that are spoken fluently world wide.

1. Money.

This may not be in currency as we know it but it is the same concept where ever you go. Some peoples' currency can be cattle or other livestock or things deemed of value.

2. Mathematics.

Mathematics has a language all it's own the more advanced the math the more "words" so to speak are used.

If everyone spoke the same language there would still be the same differences because of different philosophies of living and what constitutes good and bad. Then it comes down to cultural differences and if we had one culture it would be a boring world. We as any one culture have probably been influenced by many others. Common decency on a global scale would probably be a good thing. : )

Yes I did leave out love. That's a given.


yes because even though we speak the same language people would care even more about the color of skin