What's the worst thing that can happen?

other then death


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Being raped repeatedly every day for years with a cattle prod while in a large puddle of water. While watching your children be eaten slowly but they are kept alive the whole time.

And your mouth is the toilet for the other prisoners.

Just a guess.



Getting there but not quite there yet. That could prove to be quite traumatic.


being a slave and tortured, on every aspect, :o

...which is why i prefer not to ask this question,

the mind will search for an answer,

which is not very positive,

positive thoughts lead to positive outcome :)




It looks like all of the above.

Sometimes you get more than you ask for. <}:-{(


starting my peroid. rofl


Not thinking for oneself is a death in itself. To live an inauthentic life is really not to live at all. I would rather die than to think and act as if I was, so to speak, a sail in the wind.