Why is the world so stupid and ignorant when it comes to cannabis?

Why is the world so stupid and ignorant when it comes to cannabis?


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it should not be so


Imagine marijuana was decriminalized to a far greater extent. Of course, it would still be illegal to drive and smoke pot. But imagine reading that there was a big increase in airline pilots being fired and penalized for smoking weed in the cockpit or before taking control of a passenger jet. I'm against marijuana being decriminalized. And I rest my case.


Your being bias against cannabis.

The world is stupid and ignorant about everything. That, by definition, includes cannabis.


I think in many ways American society is still fighting the culture wars of the 60's. Cannabis still carries a stigma that was placed on it back then.


It's really a fundamental different. If you feel strongly in autonomy and freedom, legalizing drugs make sense. If you think that government should be paternalistic and stop people from doing potential harm to themselves, you're a fan of restricting it. I mean, most believe in the former, and I personally think that's the right one. However, it's a real philosophical difference, not ignorance and stupidity.


There is a lot of diverse opinions even among the dealers, growers, brokers etc. Many growers don't even want weed legalized. It makes it so they can't make as much money. There are a lot of nuances within even the growing community. I don't think it's as easy as calling people stupid or ignorant. These people are smart people and they would likely disagree with you in many ways.

There are people who know nothing about cannabis except for what they heard in D.A.R.E. and the refer madness era before that. These people are ignorant, but stupid they are not. They know exactly how ignorant they are being. It's called "culture".


May be they are still illiterates.


People are scared of things like this since it's true. They rather run from all the negative stuff instead of finding out why some people enjoy it or what made them do it. If they just eat someone they normally neglect the person for life.