Explain how a smart person might not be wise?

Explain how a smart person might not be wise?


Intelligence/knowledge ("smarts") is something you learn from a book or a tutor. It is information you retain about subject matter such as dates, calculations, recipes, instructions, ect. Intelligence is knowing how to build a bridge.

Wisdom can not be taught. Wisdom is what you gain from life experience. No one can teach you wisdom, they can only offer their own. It is upon the individual to decide on how they grow from their experiences in life; that is, if they choose to do so at all.

Wisdom is knowing whether or not one should cross the bridge

In a better sense: An intelligent man will prove his point to show he is right; a wise man knows he doesn't need to.


A person may be smart in the sense that they know facts and figures but may not understand relationships and feelings


Being wise can range from being truly understanding and reasonable or having a lot of life experience and can give you proper advice. Smart people will just know certain things and will tell you how to fix it based on their knowledge they looked into or researched, but this does not make them wise.


depends on YOUR personal definitions of what is a smart person and a wise one?

smart as in high IQ and academic? some people can be very "book" learnt but lack the ability to utilise things in the real world.

some people can be very academic but have awful personal lives as they lack people skills


They are often called: educated fools. Everything they could even begin to know about life comes from a book. If it is not in the book then it is not so. Another term is lack of mother-wit. These smart people can be very dangerous. Why: Because often the information in the book changes and they don't take the time to keep in touch with change. A saying: if life was a smorgasbord these smart asses would starve to death, in love with another they do not know how to be.


"The difference between a smart man and a wise man is that a smart man knows what to say, a wise man knows whether or not to say it. " – Frank M. Garafolay

I'd argue that you don't need experience to be smart. Old people are always referred to as wise for a reason. Wisdom cannot be achieved through studying. I'd also say that some wisdom is intuitive. Some people just seem to have a better feel for life.