If people appose your ideas, does that mean your original?

Assuming of course your "ideas" and "beliefs" don't involve hurting anyone, hurting yourself or destroying property. If you have personal convictions and beliefs in life that seemingly everyone disagrees with, does that theoretically make you original? especially if the majority that disagrees with you don't have their own unique personal beliefs and ideas, but instead uphold the same ideas and beliefs everyone else does.

Answers definition, I think you are correct. But the important thing is, does your ideas work? If it's a functional difference,....then I think it gives credence to your perspective.




I think you would have to compare your ideas, both, to the intellectuals and the non-intellectuals of society.

Every idea is probably new and original to a non-intellectual, who doesn't think.


I find it curious that in framing this question you have two spelling errors. Is it ' origional ' or something else to ask a misspelt question and then spell conventionally properly in the body of text that follows? If you wish to oppose society or social persons without hurting yourself or others or property, how are you going to oppose the institutions and persons involved? I think you might want to reconsider these acts until you have got some life experience with people who are willing to consider the world in a similar framework to yours. If you've already graduated from grade school, try a highly academic high school. There will be people there who, if you find them, will enjoy talking and speculating and perhaps even acting to a purpose.

If you have attended high school but dropped out thru boredom, try the local technical college. Harder to find the people you do need to interact with but they are circulating in that space and probably are not fond of being judgemental.

Do try to make contacts with people who enjoy thinking and speculating and not with people who only whine, complain about school and parents, and do drugs. It makes surviving to adulthood much faster and easier to have friends who participate in life.