What image comes to mind when you hear the word peace?

image, sound, feelings, i dont care, what comes to mind.


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i see a world which takes moments of stillness and pure silence. i see a world with people who take the time to understand an nt judge eachother. i see a world in which we do not push harm in eachothers way, and force opinions into minds who can not choose what and what not to tust and blieve in.

i see a world of pure love and that does not turn to deat and technology to solve a problem. and one that has every person accept each other for who they are beyond all the lies and hidden pain.


The peace sign... I don't know why, the image just came to my mind right away.



An old Spanish knight tilting at windmills.


Feelings of hope and freedom.


I see foolish liberals trying to control people.


i think of a peace sign, but if you're looking for something different, i think of the ocean





A caricaturesque image of Planet Earth.

Edit: damn I need my eyes checked, I thought it said world peace, not word peace.

In that case...

Maybe the color white...?