How to gain self confidence?

How to gain self confidence?


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Always try to believe in yourself and respect your thoughts. If you will value yourself then you will get more self confidence




Trust yourself and believe in what you can do.


Be natural, the way of being so is to not let yourself be easily bothered.



There are local speaking groups which teach basic presentation. Often it is not the self confidence as much as the appearance of self confidence that people seek. Toastmasters teaches self confident speaking. Local


You've just gotta take the plunge and go for it!

Start with small things that you wouldn't usually do and you will soon find that you are far more capable and confident than you realised.

Keep taking these little chances until you feel confident enough to go for something you find more daunting and you will be suprised how well you deal with it.

It's really down to you making that extra effort and pushing your boundries.


*Focus on your skills, talents and enhance them to highest levels

*Be detailed, correct and responsible in whatever you say or do

*Speak clearly, sincerely as far as possible

*Write out your goals, dreams,etc and do things that are relevant and


*Learn well from your mistakes, and don't keep repeating them!

*Do adequate reading to boost your general knowledge and pick up more skills; knowing something about a wide range of relevant and interesting topics/activites gives

u great confidence


Believe in Yourself,

you are your own special self,

do not measure your life by anyone else's Yardstick (do not compare your life to another for a measure of success) everyone walks a different path even though many overlap.

There is no one else on this Planet like you...we are so much alike to the rest of humans but we all are unique.

Do what you think is best for you, you are the only one who is with you all the time,

be there for yourself, treat yourself like you would your best friend, because at the core you must be your own best friend...

take care of you.