What do you FEEl about loners that you have in your life?

Even if they're just a stranger.


Nothing in particular.


Im a loner.....


Either they need company or don't seek it

They may be depressed or don't care a bit

Since God is with us maybe even in the form of a stone

We could never really be alone..


Some are just too stingy to have friends...having friends means driving to people's houses for example, which means spending money on petrol. I have a family member who is like this he just saves all his money and sits at home studying. He's like a robot.


Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron statement? Loners are generally not in your life and if they were strangers, why would I feel anything about them. I might accidentally brush against one as I was walking past but wouldn't go out of my way to feel them.