Is it part of human nature to be selfish?

Is it part of human nature to be selfish?


Not really, but I think the definition of being selfish can some times be misconstrued. Being selfish, to me, means a display of over ego/bullish behaviour or a desire to put ones needs above all others to gain an advantage or ridicule others. I see this type of behaviour more so in an uncoordinated high pressured work environment where being the best is deemed to be the 'be all and end all' for success.

On the other hand having a self awareness of what you personally require within your 'means' and asserting your right to fair treatment of those 'means' is most definitely not being selfish. I think all too often assertive behaviour is deemed as selfish behaviour, but a deeper understanding of the assertiveness concept shows it is the complete opposite.

The problem comes when it is stated that aggressive behaviour is called assertiveness in order for unscrupulous 'selfish' people to get their own way without being challenged for being aggressive and 'selfish'.


its part of human nature every body at sum time on sum stage of life is selfish


Yes and no, most people are selfish however people can learn not to be selfish based on experiences


Selfish is a word brought upon by humans. Therefore selfish is considered a human dependency. Like all living creatures on this planet, they all depend on something whether it is by their instincts or their thoughts. Therefore humans are variable which means some or not selfish and some are selfish, but do not think that all humans are selfish, because that is not true.